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Canons of Stall XII at Canterbury Cathedral from 1600 to 1851.

1600: Gregory Milner; died 1614.
1614: Thomas Anyan, president of Corpus Christi college, Oxford; born at Sandwich, became 
      one of the king's chaplains, and afterwards prebendary of Gloucester; died 1632.
1632: Humphrey Peake, of Hills-court, in Ash, by Sandwich; died after the year 1645.
1645: vacant.
1660: William Barker, rector of Hardwyck, Buckinghamshire, where he died in 1669.
1669: Edward Stillingfleet, canon and then dean of St Paul's; bishop of Worcester, 1689.
1689: The Hon. Leopold William Finch, fifth son of Heneage, earl of Winchelsea, fellow and 
      then warden of All Soul's college; died 1702.
1702: John Adams, promoted to a canonry of Windsor in 1708.
1708: William Whitfield, vicar of St. Giles's, Cripplegate; died 1716.
1717: Lilly Butler, died the same year.
1717: John Turner, vicar of Greenwich, prebendary of Lincoln; died 1720.
1721: David Wilkins, rector of Hadley and Monks Idleigh, and archdeacon of Suffolk; died 1745.
1745: John Potter, rector of Childingstone and then of Wrotham; became Dean in  1766.
1767: David Durell, principal of Hartford college, Oxford; died 1775.
1775: Everard Buckworth, died  1792.
1793: Edward Walsby, rector of Allhallows, London and of Lamborne, Essex; died 1815.
1815: George Holcombe,  resigned by 1822 on becoming canon of Westminster.
1822: Hon. John Evelyn Boscawen, died 1851.
1851: Stall suspended.

Data from Hasted and Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857, volume 3.

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