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The Chapter Library of Canterbury Cathedral

Provenance and history of the collections

Cathedral Library bookplate
Canterbury Cathedral Library bookplate, 1709

This Wiki has been designed by David Shaw to make available data about the history of Canterbury Cathedral Library and particularly a record of the provenance history of its printed books: donors and previous owners in books from the Dean and Chapter's collections from the early seventeenth century onwards.


Exploring the database

Note: only includes books which have a record of provenance.

Cathedral personnel

Deans of Canterbury (13) Archbishops of Canterbury (11) Archdeacons of Canterbury (8) Archdeacons of Maidstone (2) Canons of Canterbury (45) Canon Treasurers (1)
Stall I Stall II Stall III Stall IV Stall V Stall VI
Stall VII Stall VIII Stall IX Stall X Stall XI Stall XII
Honorary Canons of Canterbury (8) Cathedral officers (6) Six Preachers (13) Minor Canons (7) Cathedral librarians (20)  

Other people and places

Anglican clergy (114) Kentish incumbents (63) Continental clergy (7) Continental religious houses (25) Lambeth Palace Library (13)
Cathedral lessees (8) Canterbury residents (17) Academics (36) Booksellers (5) Americana (7)
Oxford University Cambridge University Scientists (4) Royal Society (6)

Library categories

Donors (101) Other provenances (158) Presentation copies (28) Subscription copies (18) Catalogues (35)
Armorial bindings (33) Blind-stamped bindings (16) Other bindings (8) Armorial bookplates (61) Manuscripts (6)

General categories

All pages All categories Donors (101) All provenances names (158)

Number of pages : 1,029

Provenance – donors, previous owners, etc.

History of the Chapter Library and its collections

Other Canterbury Libraries

Sources for names

If you would like to help to contribute to this Wiki by adding new pages or adding to existing pages, please request a login: email David Shaw.

David Shaw's own web pages are at
There are also relevant pages on his blog at

Canterbury Cathedral – The official web site of Canterbury Cathedral, with pages for the Library and Archives.


There are currently 1,029 pages on the database.

This wiki is a work in progress. Its contents are not fully comprehensive.
It focusses on identifiable provenances in the collections, especially donations to the Library. It is not intended to be a catalogue of the Cathedral's entire holdings.



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