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William Laud (1573–1645), Archbishop of Canterbury, was educated at Reading School and St John's College, Oxford. He was ordained in 1601, became President of St John's College in 1611, a Prebendary of Lincoln in 1614 and Archdeacon of Huntingdon in 1615. He was consecrated Bishop of St David's in 1621 and was translated to Bath and Wells in 1626 and became Bishop of London in 1628. He was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633 until his execution in 1645 under a parliamentary bill of attainder.


The Benefactors' Book (f.103v) records the following gift by Archbishop Laud:

Reuerendissimus in Christo Pater Gulielmus Archiepiscopus Cant: huic Ecclesiæ dedit.
     A conference wth Mr Fisher by William Lawd. Anno 1622. fol:
Shelfmark W/K-6-6
William Laud. Relation of the conference, betweene William Lawd, ... and Mr. Fisher ... With an answer to ... A.C. ... By the sayd Most Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. London: 1639.
Armorial binding stamp 1 of Abp William Laud, with the initials C C C added.